Corethics  Ltd.

Corethics Limited is a Not-for-Profit dedicated to improving water, sustainability, and ensuring safe and fair workplaces. We consult, report, implement, and train. 

"We make ethics easy"

Speaking Up

Corethics takes breaches of ethics seriously and we value the safety of our employees, volunteers, clients, beneficiaries, partners and the broader Indonesian community. If you ever suspect or uncover unethical, illegal or suspicious behaviour please report this immediately.   

We understand that it can be difficult to discuss matters directly to Managers so "Speaking Up" offers a platform to report anonymously. Corethics is committed to the protection and promotion of justice and your cooperation is appreciated.

This form is intended for Employees and Volunteers, however, we welcome our Network and the broader community to engage in "Speaking Up".
May we ask, are you a part of Corethics Network?
Please outline your desired outcome
Please explain any suspected breaches or misconduct
How do you wish to be notified that this matter has been handled?