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Ethics & Sustainability in fashion

DIY Approach

For those wanting one-off advice including hot spot analysis, stakeholder strategy, communication strategy, and innovation report.

Ongoing Support

Wanting to outsource? Includes all facets of our services, all access. Perfect for those wanting to free up time for family or much needed break.

Project Based

Offshore factory assistance including audit, review, and recommendations. Plus Stakeholder and Community engagement.

Empowering Fashion Leaders

Engaging your stakeholders in a culturally sensitive way is something we are proud to offer. We can help build your confidence to undertake changes in your supply chain.

We’re here for you. Your complimentary 15 minutes are crucial for us because your needs are our priority. Click to book now!

Our Scope

Trace to the Source
We can assist in tracing your supply chain right back to the source. Want to know how to measure your impact and what to look for?

Fabric Processing
Wastewater Treatment is our key driver for change in the textiles
industry. We’ll help you understand its significance and how you can make an incredible difference in thi s area!

Pattern & Cutting
Ever thought of the waste generated by manufacturing? We can help inspire change to your approach, your stakeholders and by boosting your local partnerships .

How do you ensure a fair work place from another country? There is no one size fits all, so let us tailor a plan for you.

Dispatch & Service Delivery
Plastic packaging alternatives, ethical business practices and returns
handling. The circular economy offers endless opportunity.

Ethical Consulting

Explore your opportunities, refine your approach, communicate with confidence. Our Consultancy Service will

Identify untapped opportunities for you to explore

Give you social and environmental impact knowledge to help refine your approach

Empower you with the confidence to communicate for

Explore your ethical opportunities

Origin Material


Fabric Processing

Offshore Factory



Book a Consult

15 minute – Your first one Complimentary Briefly outline your needs and where you are on the “chain-ge scale” and send to us via our online booking form. During your first complimentary 15 minute consult we will expand on who we are, our research, and what types and levels of support we offer for your specific needs.
Keen to dive deeper?

1 hour – Discovery Session In this 1 hour session we will discuss what each stage of Corethics Change-Scale means, provide an overview of our scope in your supply chain, and help you uncover your known and unknown needs. By understanding your personal and professional goals Corethics can deliver the right support to help bring your ethics into reality. We will present a broad overview of opportunities, social and environmental impact and communication considerations in your supply chain. A pre-approval quote will be provided prior to your discovery session with pay now or pay later options.
Need a Strategy?

Corethics Strategy Report Following a discovery session we will compile recommendations based on your needs. This will include a timeline, budget, stakeholders, and communication considerations. A guide for use now or later when the time permits. A pre-approval quote will be provided following your discovery session with pay now or pay later options.
Ready to Take Action?

Certified Corethics Once you have moved through to the final stage of Corethics change-scale we will sit down with you to discuss a project plan for certification. The best part? You have already done the majority of the work! Offshore factory assistance including audit, review, and recommendations, stakeholder engagement and community engagement. A pre-approval quote will be provided following your discovery session with pay now or pay later options.

As our name suggests we are a company of ethics. We exist to serve you, our beneficiaries, through education, policy and business practice. Full details in our Constitution

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