60% of Bali’s Water Table Declared Dry

  • Saltwater intrusion and inequality over access to clean water are just two impacts of Bali’s Water Crisis.
  • Tourism uses 65% of Bali, Indonesia’s available water supply and with hundreds of tourist hotels and guesthouses covering the Island, it
    further prohibits the ability to capture and store rainfall.

The Australian community cannot solely make changes needed we need Government to act too

Gotong Royong working together to achieve a mutual goal

Corethics has partnered with IDEP Foundation to provide much needed funds for their Bali Water Protection Program. By installing rainwater-fed gravity open wells IDEP Foundation is able to increase water supply resilience, auto-sufficiency in drinking-quality freshwater supply, decrease seawater intrusion, and stop the current water stress crisis from increasing.

  • Long term sustainable solution
  • Scientifically sound
  • Restorative for non-human species
  • Equal access to water regardless of income

Proceeds from our annual ReelOzInd! Film Fundraiser assists in bringing water depletion solutions to Bali, Indonesia.

Corethics is a proud screening partner of the Australia Indonesia Centre’s ReelOzInd! Short Film Festival. Not only does this partnership allow us to promote closer relationships between Australia and Indonesia it is also acts as our annual film fundraiser supporting our shared mission to address water depletion in Bali, Indonesia.

What Our Guests Are Saying

Bali is home to hundreds of fashion houses that use a “screen printing” technique. This practice is water intensive and without quality wastewater treatment technologies allows toxic chemicals from the dye process to enter into local waterways.

Corethics’ Textiles Project Bali seeks to partner with Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) Manufacturers along the Tukad Badung (River) in Bali. By removing financial barriers and increasing education to businesses in the transition to circular wastewater treatment solutions, we are able to Gotong Royong to stop chemical water pollution from reaching Bali’s precious water supply.


  • Long-term sustainable solution
  • Empower local people through education
  • Break the poverty cycle through innovation
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Promote culture and the fine art of Batik

How your Donation helps bring clean #waterforbali

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