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Bali in Indonesia has become a second-home to many Australians for its tropical island beauty, welcoming locals, surf, yoga, and healing energy. But, as many tourists return home to the comforts of fresh running water our neighbours in Bali suffer on silently. 

Bali is on the brink of ecological collapse, if we do not act fast. We need your help. 

Key Facts

60% of Bali’s watersheds are dry and tables have dropped by 50 metres

13.6% water deficit. Water demand is 5.454 million m³/yr available supply is 4.710 million m³/yr

Saltwater intrusion is threatening freshwater supply particularly in the south of Bali – this is not reversible

 65% of Bali’s available water is used for servicing the tourism industry

Tourists use 3 times the amount rural families use

Australians top 3 tourists to Bali, Indonesia

Can you help?

these children face a future without access to clean water


Corethics is proud to partner with IDEP Foundation to support their Bali Water Protection Program offering a scientifically proven and sustainable solution to Bali’s ongoing water crisis. This includes:

Adopt a Well

Adopt a River

Adopt a Water

Install 136 wells to impulse drinking-quality supply and stop increasing sea water intrusion through rainwater-fed gravity open wells

Provide an understanding of fundamental basic ecological principles of the biosphere with a focus on water and plant cycles aimed at 133 schools along the provinces river

Raise awareness among the public about the importance to protect, respect, and nurture the water resources via public media

About Our Event

Coinciding with National Water Week (3rd week October) Corethics hosts a night of Indonesian and Australian short films while sharing important information about the water crisis in Bali. A Q&A precedes the films allowing guests to dive deeper. Join us for a memorable evening as we celebrate the coming together of Australian and Indonesian culture.  All proceeds to IDEP Foundation’s Bali Water Protection Program.

About the film screening

ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Competition and Festival seeks to raise awareness and improve understanding between the people of both countries. It is coordinated by The Australia-Indonesia Centre. Corethics is a proud screening partner of the ReelOzInd! since 2018. 

Event Guest Reviews

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How Corethics is Bali

Recharge-well build!

Since 2019 Corethics has raised $3,889.15 thanks to our generous community in Australia through raffle and event ticket sales. In 2021, IDEP Foundation will build a recharge-well in a priority zone in line with COVID-safe guidelines

Australian Donors
Event Guests
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A huge thank you to all the kind hearted businesses and professionals who have sponsored our Water for Bali Fundraiser

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