Our Mission

To create sustainable and thriving communities in the developing world.

Our Vision

A world where innovation is available to all regardless of income, education, and local infrastructure. Unshackling poverty through access.

Our Values

Four guiding principles underpin Corethics. Our development projects must be community-led, ethical, improve social and environmental outcomes, and bring affordable and effective innovation to those who need it most. 
Our overarching values are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


#6 Improve water quality by reducing the release of hazardous chemicals into local water streams, protecting and restoring waterrelated ecosystems through innovation in waste water treatment recycling and reuse.

#12 Achieve environmentally sound management of waste by adopting sustainable practices that minimise adverse impact to human health and the environment.

#17 Develop, disseminate, and diffuse environmentally sound technology to developing countries and enhance international cooperation.

Meet The Team

People Behind Corethics

Melissa Mccabe

Bach. of International Studies (Global Politics / Peace/Indonesian), Dip. of Marketing.

Melissa has spent the past 4 years researching and developing a solution to the shortage and scarcity of water in Bali, Indonesia. Her passion is to see the replenishment and reuse of waste water in the manufacturing industry to address Bali’s ongoing water crisis. Melissa is the Founder, Chair and Social and Environmental Consultant for Corethics.

Dylan Galt

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Environmental Management

With a speciality in providing environmental risk, remediation and ESG advice across both private and public sectors, Dylan brings over 12 years’ experience to Corethics. Dylan routinely delivers quality and technically robust environmental solutions for clients in Australia, New Zealand, North America, the Middle East and Indonesia. Dylan is a Founding Board Director.

Jaqueline Yew

Master of Management, Bachelor of Business Studies

Jacqueline has spent a decade serving in the non profit sector following a bold career move from the corporate sector. She is a marketing specialist turned fundraising and engagement expert specializing in Individual Giving, which consist of small regular giving, one off giving, major and corporate donor mapping, donor loyalty and retention and winback. It has been her personal goal to help in every tiny bit she can for the betterment of humanity. Jacqueline also volunteers her time providing her life story at cancer support group and women and children shelter whenever she can.

Dorothy Dellosa

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering,Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Dorothy is passionate about supporting environmental programs and promoting environmental awareness.  Her experience with multi-national companies includes providing technical solutions, business development, contract negotiations, project execution and training.  With more than 15 years industrial experience, she is focused to contribute growth in the organization.

Zubin Bilimoria

Bachelor of Laws (First Class Honours and the University Medal),Bachelor of Commerce

With a specialty in finance, law and fundraising for not-for-profits, Zubin brings over 6 years’ experience to Corethics. Zubin’s experience in the not-for-profit sector include: developing an online learning curriculum for a charity operating in Vietnam, developing a corporate partnership strategy, and raising funds for charities operating in developing economies. Zubin currently works for an infrastructure fund, investing in Australian Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Assets.

Frances Wade

Chartered Global Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant and Associate Chartered Management Accountant.

Frances brings extensive experience to Corethics in the areas of Financial/ Management accounting including risk management, strategy, business partnering and policy setting across complex business organisations including: Health, Not for Profit, Education and Government.

Our History

  • Corethics began thanks to a Start-up Grant from the University of Newcastle where Founding Director, Melissa McCabe pitched her idea for an ethical consultancy for the tourism industry.
  • With a passion for Indonesia, in 2017, Melissa undertook 1-year Research Project [ Textiles Project: Bali ] studying the impacts of mass tourism on life in Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa. The focus of the study was water depletion and pollution, and land rights.
  •  Field research was conducted using a broad scope of subjects from small business owners, tourists, to local Not-for-Profit Organisations (NFP/NGO). These findings uncovered several opportunities to improve water quality and quantity, address climate change, and create thriving communities. Corethics embodies these changes.
  • We believe our value lies in providing a platform to encourage and facilitate the coming together of Civil Society, Government, and Business to address issues related to mass tourism.
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