How Tourism Can Save Bali

Over 60% of Bali's water catchment is drying up, threatening the survival of the fashion industry, hotel industry... the list goes on. Water is the most valuable natural resource we have and we must begin to enact ethical policies and practices to ensure its survival, not just for your industry but for the livelihood of human-kind...
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Melissa McCabe

  1. Managing Director
    Bali Ecological Centre have worked with a variety of businesses across Indonesia to implement, train, and install environmental solutions #wastewatertreatment #sustainablesolutions #environmentalconsultant
  2. Managing Director
    Founder & Director of Corethics Limited, Melissa McCabe has worked within the Corporate, Not-for-Profit, and Government sectors giving her the insight and experience to understand your needs. Melissa's planning and mediation services will help your business achieve the international ethical recognition you deserve #ethicalconsultant #socialimpactadvisor

Bali Ecological Centre