Corethics began thanks to a Start-up Grant from the University of Newcastle where Founding Director, Melissa McCabe pitched her idea for an ethical consultancy for the tourism industry.

With a passion for Indonesia, in 2017, Melissa undertook 1-year Research Project [ Textiles Project: Bali ] studying the impacts of mass tourism on life in Bali, Lombok, and Sumbawa. The focus of the study was water depletion and pollution, and land rights. Field research was conducted using a broad scope of subjects from small business owners, tourists, to local Not-for-Profit Organisations (NFP/NGO). These findings uncovered several opportunities to improve water quality and quantity, address climate change, and create thriving communities. Corethics limited embodies these changes.

In 2019, Corethics will roll-out its accreditation services Certified Corethics: an ethical accreditation designed specifically for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Fashion - operating in Australia with factories in Indonesia and Hotel & Guesthouse - operating in Indonesia
"Often accreditation can be a complicated and timely process, we aim to deliver a straight-forward service that is practical and affordable"

Melissa McCabe, Founding Director